Galactic Fleets the browser based MMO Grand Strategy game with a strong focus on community.

Player Quotes
"This game is by far the best web browser game ive played and i play alot. Build Empires, Build Huge Fleets War with your Enemy, Or trade for everything Build huge fleets of Friegthers and trade and become King of the Economic Side. Become a Pirate and wreck havoc on the Universe. With 4 Tribes Constantly at war with each other, This makes for one exciting and fun filled days playing this game." darkcephar

"Galactic_Fleets is an ever changing, almsot lifelike game ( if you're 1 million years into the future ) It involves you being in 1 of 4 tribes in a galaxy of 400 sectors, with each tribe holding about a quarter of the galaxy." jonnyb13

"I'd highly recommend this game. At first the game is confusing but there are many players willing to help. Once you fully understand the game, it's very fun. The community is active and friendly. I highly recommend this." Mike714

"We have 19 different warships, thats including different sizes. In 5 slots thats 2,476,099 combinations, so yes a fair few. In 20 slots its 3.75x10^25, which is much greater. On a side note, wow, didnt realise there were that many combos available to warships atm." Cananatra

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